5 Engineering jobs with very tempting salaries

On your career path, it is very tough to know whether your chosen industry will keep growing, become over-saturated, or even become completely irrelevant. It is obvious that the trend is towards improved information technology, engineering and automation, and this is expected to remain the case for the foreseeable future in engineering salaries 2020. Classical fields such as petroleum and civil engineering are still in great demand, but the fastest-growing engineering fields with salaries with potential are those in the IT field. This report aims to list some engineering positions that are most in-demand and with the most significant salary potential for 2020 and beyond.
engineering salaries 2020

1. Machine Learning and Data Science
Software engineering has witnessed perpetual growth over the past few years, and there are no indications of it halting. Data science, a division of software engineering, involves formulating meaningful information based on large volumes of data. These massive data sets are known as big data and can originate from a diversity of sources such as medical, e-commerce, or economic sectors. This field uses both software & statistics engineering to collect, interpret, and present data to let the end-user optimize their specific services.

– Average beginner salary: $89,000
– Average mid-level worker salary: $107,000
– Average late-career salary: $120,000

2. Robotics and Automation Engineer
Robotic systems are already good at accomplishing menial, repetitive tasks that don’t demand the skill and attention to detail of a human worker. However, with continuous advances in computing, energy storage, and materials, robots are beginning to move to complex humanoid machines from single-arm welding and assembly robots.
A robotics engineer is involved in every phase of the design, testing and implementation of robotic systems and development. Robotics engineers are typically either electronics, mechanical, or mechatronic engineers.

– Average beginner salary: $77,000
– Average mid-level worker salary: $92,000
– Average late-career salary: $99,000

3. Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum engineers basically work on the design of drilling equipment, drilling methods, and monitoring & implementing the drilling plan for the mining of crude oil. Petroleum engineering has been in vogue for the past few years and is set to maintain growth over the coming decade. Notwithstanding the push for electric vehicles and clean energy, still highly valued is oil, as it is still utilized in many various industries. Many petroleum engineers are anticipated to retire in the coming years, so job positions for new engineers will be available.

– Average new salary: $97,000
– Average  salary: $120,000
– Average veteran salary: $140,000

4. Civil Engineering
Civil engineering was a high demand career in 2018, and that trend continued in 2019. Civil engineers develop the infrastructure on which the world depends. There are various departments of civil engineering, which make it difficult to populate the market, so it is, therefore, an excellent field to venture into. The main civil engineering fields include road/highway engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and environmental engineering

– Average new employee salary: $59,000
– Average experienced worker salary: $72,000
– Average late-career salary: $96,000

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5. Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is another one of the old engineering fields that show a continued interest. Electrical engineering is a vast field that includes: instrumentation engineering, power engineering, and electronic engineering, etc. The wide array of possible career paths means that there will probably always be jobs available.

– Average starter salary: $67,000
– Average mid-level salary: $82,000
– Average late-career salary: $96,000

The jobs list above is by no means exhaustive but provides a good cross-section of estimated engineering salaries 2020. It is evident that jobs like data science and automation are the most in-demand.

However, with improved specialization, the job search becomes easier.



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